Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Professional Plumbers Who Can Meet Your Needs Today

Our Texas technicians are more than qualified to handle all of your plumbing repairs. We have a team who is made up of some of the best workers this state has ever seen. With them working on your side, you will never have to worry about the condition of your plumb appliances. They will chip away at the problem until it is completely eliminated.
Have you been putting up with some annoying leakage that you are looking to get rid of? If so, simply call in our professionals and we will handle this plumbing conundrum. Everybody knows the annoyance that a leak can cause, and with us having your back, we will stop it before you can say “Water Heater Humble” TX!
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Sunday, October 20, 2019

No Hot Water From Gas Water Heater ?!!

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1-Be sure the gas to the water heater is turned on. Turn the gas control knob to PILOT to prevent the burner from igniting when you are looking inside. Remove the metal cover at the bottom of the water heater and look to see if the burner and/or pilot light—the small flame at the end of the pilot gas supply tube—are lit.
2-If the water heater’s pilot light has gone out, follow the instructions on the tank to relight it.
3-If the burner is not on, replace the cover and make sure the thermostat is set to about 120 degrees F. If it isn’t, adjust it, turn on a hot water faucet, and then wait a few minutes to see if the water heater burner ignites. If it doesn’t ignite, leave the hot water running and try lowering and then raising the temperature setting on the dial until the burner ignites.
4-If the burner ignites, replace the cover and turn the thermostat back to an appropriate setting. If the burner doesn’t ignite, have the water heater checked out by an appliance repair person. It could be that the heater’s thermostat is defective. Replacement is best left to an appliance repair person or a water heater specialist.
5-Smell for gas. If you smell a garlic-like scent, turn the gas valve control to OFF (you may have to push down to turn it). Wait until the gas smell has dissipated before relighting the pilot light.
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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

How To Unclog A Drain ?

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How To Unclog A Drain ?
Snake a sink drain with a hanger that's bent at the end. Straighten out a wire coat hanger and bend the tip to a 90-degree angle with a pair of pliers. Be sure the length of the hook is small enough the fit through the basket strainer, which is the screen designed to catch foreign particles. Push the hooked end down the drain, twist it, and pull it upward. Continue this until you fish out hair and dirt from the drain that is clogged
Suck out the source of a sink or tub clog using a wet/dry vacuum. Turn the vacuum to the wet setting so it is safe to vacuum liquids and turn it to its highest suction. Now, hold it over the drain and the force of the vacuum will bring the clog up from the drain and into the vacuum. If this doesn't work, insert the nozzle into the drain as far as possible. Remember not to try this with a machine that is not equipped to handle both dry and wet work.
Plunge a sink or tub drain with a toilet plunger. Place a toilet plunger directly over the clogged drain and press down gently to create a seal. After pressing down, plunge up and down vigorously while maintaining the seal. Stop when you see water flooding down the drain or hear the clog come free.
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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Toilet Repair Hubmle TX

Are you in drastic need of an immediate toilet repair and you are having some problems finding one? Maybe you and your family have ran into some conundrums that are blowing your minds and you would like some professional help with eliminating them. If this sounds like your current scenario, look no further than the helpful helpers at Water Heater Humble.
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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Drain Cleaning Humble TX

Our plumbers are experienced in drain cleaning and we are also equipped with some of the best tools around. We have long, sharp snakes that can easily cut up and remove any blockages that it runs into. As long as you have our number saved into your cellphones, you will always have access to premium services such as this.
Have you been having company over very frequently lately and now you are dealing with some frustrating clogs? Maybe a friend of your brother came over last night and he accidentally put grease into your drains. While this is something that would make even the calmest of men upset, you can trust us to help you out.
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